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Water Wows to Woes

Sometimes what creates history sinks into oblivion or gets overshadowed by the layers of civilizations. Water is one such ‘character’ that has been the common tandem for the global history encompassing all the dynasties. Imagine, when administration was under a single ruler, how was water managed in a semi arid zone, which had low rainfall, dry winter, soaring mercury for most of its months? And that’s how water became sacred when wisdom bolstered the self-sufficient models of water security. The robust trio of Amer, Nahargarh and Jaigarh Forts are not just laudable… Read More

Human story of Jaipur Rugs

6 states, 600 villages, 40,000 artisans, distribution to over 40 countries and more than 100 international feature stories, sums up one vision that believes in the harmony of sustainable growth. More than just a business of rugs and carpets, it is the founder, N K Chaudhary’s mission to cultivate the untapped and untamed potential of rural human resources to nurture the saplings of handicrafts. A Commerce graduate, who would have ended up at his father’s boot shop in Churu district of Rajasthan, or as a bank officer; determined to take… Read More

Why go Organic?

Health and environment consciousness is rapidly rising these days. People are getting sensitized to conserve ecology and prevent global warming from deteriorating the planet. The wave of eco – friendly and organic products including textiles, started from the western nations. Eventually the demand of organic cotton has accelerated around the globe because of the rise in demand from enlightened consumers who prefer intelligent and sensible choice for brands and retailers to manufacture quality fabrics. India ranks to be the second largest global textile manufacturer and second largest producer of natural… Read More

The Deserted Dam- Ramgarh

The 10th megacity of India, where heritage brims from every nook and corner; ironically owes an apology to heritage. 19 years, since the last time Ramgarh Dam felt its identity when 33 feet 9 inches of water level was recorded. 37 years, since the water level in the lake rose to its highest capacity of 64 feet 5 inches. 36 years ago, Ramgarh lake earned the historical crest by hosting the rowing competitions of mega sports event, Asian Games of 1982. It was the same year when Government of India,… Read More