An avid traveller who chose to study and practice passion over degrees. As a voracious explorer, I wanted to dig stories and narrate them through various channels. So to satiate my infinite appetite to explore, I started creating content. To create, I dived in a gamut of spheres and subjects. Atop that, I am blessed to be born in one of the most beautiful and diverse country that India is.
Love for words and the magic they create in one’s mind when strung correctly effectively forms my foundation. My expertise and passion extend to writing Captions, Taglines, Copies, Stories, Blogs, Scripts and Dialogues.
Command over language and coherent thoughts are my aids in developing content for multimedia platforms. To make a significant impact, content should be both creative and be able to communicate the idea. Both strategic and spontaneous approaches have helped me realise assignments with superior results.
Cubicles appeared cages and stability got merged with stagnancy for me. I wanted to work and not just needed to work. Not essentially a career but an experiential timeline of what I enjoy doing is my possession. Meditating around travel and culture, I love researching and documenting it all for clients, companies and myself.
I am empathetic towards my clients’ idea of a journey and can present it as a content package for the intended audience to experience through research and efficient documentation.


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