Why go Organic?

Health and environment consciousness is rapidly rising these days. People are getting sensitized to conserve ecology and prevent global warming from deteriorating the planet. The wave of eco – friendly and organic products including textiles, started from the western nations. Eventually the demand of organic cotton has accelerated around the globe because of the rise in demand from enlightened consumers who prefer intelligent and sensible choice for brands and retailers to manufacture quality fabrics. India ranks to be the second largest global textile manufacturer and second largest producer of natural textile fibres in the world. 60% of Indian textile industry is based on natural fibres. 


There are two main types of fibres: Natural and synthetic. Natural fibres are derived from animal and plant sources while synthetic or artificial ones are produced chemically from the non renewable sources. On economic grounds, cotton is the most important plant fibre. Conventional cotton production uses 7% of pesticides and 16% of insecticides of the total amount used in farming around the world. It becomes pretty obvious that the farmers are also exposed to those harmful substances which are mostly neurotoxins. Moreover genetically modified seeds cripple the farmers because they become dependent on multinational seed companies after each harvest. Animal fibres like silk, cashmere etc which are produced non organically exploit animal husbandry ruthlessly. Needless to mention the brutal impact of aggressive agrochemicals on soil.  


Organic approach to agriculture has branched out in a sustainable face as organic textiles which promises a balanced ecological cycle. It is an amalgam of traditional benefits and science with an innovative streak that is being woven out what reaches us with a commitment to our and the planet’s health. 91% reduced water consumption, 46% reduced global warming and 62% reduced primary energy consumption are few of the statistical benefits of choosing organic over conventional textiles. 


Apparel industry accounts for 10% of the global carbon footprint which is substantially reduced by organic productivity. So to embrace this ideology is not just healthy but also wise from all the points of view possible. Over the top the value of handmade at Texaura, has a deep sense of respite to it. Cotton breathes and lets you breathe with its soft and safe layer over our skin. When we say organic, we mean organic at every single step. We aim to inspire sustainable and ethical choice of living through our meticulous attempt to work in harmony with nature


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