Human story of Jaipur Rugs

6 states, 600 villages, 40,000 artisans, distribution to over 40 countries and more than 100 international feature stories, sums up one vision that believes in the harmony of sustainable growth. More than just a business of rugs and carpets, it is the founder, N K Chaudhary’s mission to cultivate the untapped and untamed potential of rural human resources to nurture the saplings of handicrafts. A Commerce graduate, who would have ended up at his father’s boot shop in Churu district of Rajasthan, or as a bank officer; determined to take the leap of faith with his passion towards the artistry of weaving. A journey that commenced in 1978 with 2 looms reached at 200 by 1990, and then N K Chaudhary went to Gujarat where he trained 15,000 tribals from far flung villages and set up over 2,000 looms. In 1999, BhaiSahab, as he is fondly addressed, got back to Jaipur and planted the seed of Jaipur Rugs which became one of the most soul stirring experiences in the hand made world of arts and crafts. ANd now, Kangna Ranaut, Deepika Padukone, Gauri Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and many more Pg3 stars have ‘Jaipur’ at their homes. 

Asia’s largest Wool Mandi, Bikaner is from where the best quality of wool is sourced and processed which follows carding of it and then gets spun into a yarn. Jaipur Rugs have a dyeing range of 3000 colours at their plant based in Mirzapur, from where the coloured yarn travels to the remotest of villages across the country. Each weaver is provided with all the raw products and are trained to weave, who follow the map and do the needful to the design as directed. Each hand-knotted rug clutches 196 knots in an area of 1 inch and that is what narrates the story of time, energy and patience consumed in weaving each rug. What unrolls after 60 steps starting from sourcing the wool to the last one of hand embossing, is a chain of warm and genuine stories. 

A one-of-a-kind designer rug series, Artisan Originals experiments with the originality of rural creative instincts, when weavers get to be the designers of their own rugs. So it was the shape of a traditional Indian snack that motivated Vimla Devi to tie the knots in the particular pattern, which made her fly to Frankfurt for German Design Award 2018. Same award in the Product Excellence Category for the year 2016 went to a beautiful story of disagreement amongst the 3 weavers, who started weaving separate patterns over 1 rug. As eventually the knots in their minds opened, the knots over the rug aligned better. The mojo is all about translation of ideas, experiences and observations into rugs, one of the most unique ways of storytelling.

Entangled in between the warp of life and weft of time, BhaiSahab deciphered the meaning of beauty as a tranquil juxtaposition of mind and soul. Nature has made it all so visible with its bright colour schemes, layers, textures, tones, shapes, you just need to be in harmony with nature and absorb what is already there. It was 2008 when management pundit C K Prahlad did an extensive case study on the man and his endeavour which began yet another chapter of global identity for Jaipur Rugs. Harvard, Michigan, Bain & Company, Leaders’ Quest, Forbes and many other august brands started digging the story so true to its core with an annual production of 4,10000 sq feet of knotted, loomed and tufted rugs. 


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